Energy Management Systems

Reduce Energy Consumption, Reduce Your Costs, Reduce Landfill.

Energy Management Services

If you are concerned about rising energy costs and your impact on the environment, you will be thankful you discovered JTIS Electrical. We not only care about the cost of electrical energy consumption, but also the environmental impacts of carbon emissions. We help you reduce your carbon footprint with energy efficient products that consume less energy and save you money.

In our pursuit of innovative energy management solutions, we work closely with lighting design consultants, DarkSpace, who specialise in optimising lighting for your home or business, while helping you consume less power than traditional lighting.

That means better lighting for you, less damage to the environment, and more money in your pocket. We can help you with a range of energy management solutions, including:

  • Globe and fluoro/starter replacement
  • Lighting upgrades/retrofits
  • Lighting/energy audits
  • Testing and tagging
  • System integration
  • Recycling

Controlling and Reducing Energy Consumption

Lighting technology has benefitted from significant developments in recent years. Never before have you had more power in your own hands to control your impact on the environment. By choosing green energy solutions, you can not only reduce your energy consumption, but also your carbon footprint.

The advent of sustainable energy management solutions has resulted in innovative products that offer stunning designs, while consuming less energy. Working closely with lighting design consultants, DarkSpace, we can recommend a digital energy management system to control your lighting, providing you with greater flexibility and complete control over your energy consumption.

Reduced energy consumption

A key aim of energy management is reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. In Australia, it is estimated around 79% of electricity comes from fossil fuel sources. A lighting control system can help to reduce energy consumption. By configuring your lights to run at 70% capacity, for instance, you achieve 30% savings in power consumption.

Reduced energy wastage

One of the biggest contributors to the cost of electrical energy consumption is lights that are left on when a room is no longer being used. With a lighting control system, you have the ability to configure your lights to switch the off when people leave a room, saving you money in wasted energy.


In a conventional lighting system, each switch controls a specific light. A lighting control system allows you to control any light, or number of lights, using any switch on the network. You can turn all your lights off from one switch when you leave the house or activate all exterior lights in an emergency.


A lighting control system gives you the flexibility to integrate other parts of your home into the network for complete control and peace of mind. If you integrate a smoke detector into the system, for example, you can configure your lights to switch on automatically to provide egress lighting if smoke is detected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Improved brand image

With the worldwide focus on sustainable energy, it has become beneficial for businesses to adopt green energy management solutions. Big brands such as Carlton & United Breweries have switched to 100% renewable energy in their production processes, which is a positive, forward-thinking way to improve their brand image and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.


Better productivity and competitive edge

Forward-looking organisations often have employees who are passionate about protecting the environment. Their employees work hard to ensure the business thrives and continues to grow. Implementing sustainable energy practices in your business could help to give you an edge over your competitors who are still relying on traditional energy consumption methods.



Energy management systems are designed to optimise the efficiency of power consumption and reduce energy wastage. This can contribute to improving production efficiencies, which is not only good for the environment, but also for your bottom line. Adopting green energy management solutions can help reduce costs for your business.


Enhance the morale and wellbeing of employees

Many leading brands now offer green alternatives in their product range and have switched to sustainable packaging materials in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Such green thinking can have a positive effect on an organisation’s work culture and employee morale, setting a standard for other businesses to follow.

The advantages of energy management don’t just apply to business. A Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is a digital energy management system designed to monitor and control your home’s energy usage. A HEMS allows you to automate key aspects of your home’s energy consumption and manage connected devices remotely. You will have complete control over your energy use, with the ability to monitor your electricity consumption or, where applicable, your solar, battery, or thermal power systems.


A HEMS give you the ability to control and automate devices on your network to suit desired parameters. If conserving energy and saving money is your goal, you can configure your HEMS to operate devices outside peak demand times, when the cost of electricity is cheaper. Get in touch with us today to learn how your home can benefit from a Home Energy Management System.


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